Under Microscope

It's another world under the microscope.


Under Microscope is a platform where micro-photographers can share their images with the public. On this platform, students can find real images of single-celled organisms; electronics enthusiasts can investigate the intricate details of engineered parts through extreme magnifications; journalists can freely take images for their news stories about a certain disease or scientific phenomenon.

Creators of this non-profit website hope that it will be an inspiration to future scientists. When we look down through the ocular of a microscope, we see a new world and we are excited to share it with you.

In addition to micrography, a philosophy blog is also available to the visitors of the website.

Dr. Halim K. Bas

Blog Posts

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Industrialization without question improved the living standards of many people, both in the developed and developing parts of the world. The agricultural revolution, through fertilizers,

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Rocket “Engineers”

People love technology and this is a love that is justified and reasonable. Technology improves our lives in significant and observable steps. When we start

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