Under Microscope

It's another world under the microscope.

The width of a human hair is a commonly used unofficial microscale unit. Many microscale objects are compared to the width of a human hair. In reality, there is a great deal of variation among the different hair types of humans. Some of the variation is due to gender. For instance, female hair tends to be stronger and thicker than male hair. The first image presented is a female hair strand and it has a width of 62 μm. The second hair strand belongs to a male and it has a width of 40 μm, considerably thinner than the first strand. Some additional variation is also observed based on the location of the hair strands on the human body. Beard strands are much thicker than hair strands over the head. The third image is a beard strand, and it is 132 μm wide. More than double the female hair width and triple the male hair width. The last image is for an eyebrow hair strand. It is comparable to hair strands found over the head.

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