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It's another world under the microscope.

Paradox of Benign Billionaire

Many people at some point in their lives considered what they would do if they had great wealth. The source of this imagined income varies from person to person. If the person already has a somewhat successful business, it could be a dream about even further success. If the person has no ordinary means to acquire great wealth, they may be dreaming about a lottery win. In the case of less than ethical people, the dreams may involve some kind of great heist or scam. Just like the sources, the dreams regarding where this income could be spent also vary.
Sadly, most people who hope to acquire great wealth associate it with increased consumption. Meaning, when they have more money they will buy the biggest mansion, the fastest car, or always fly in a private jet, etc. Obviously, most of these dreams will not lead to ultimate happiness and are terrible for the planet. A small minority will instead dream about how they will help the people in need and establish all these charities or institutions that can make the world a better place. These people rarely gain wealth and there is a simple reason behind it.
Wealth does not come from the skies. If we have some money or a certain share of the things in the world, this is only because other people can no longer claim them. Think about it. If you claim a certain section of land in the world and it is full of reptiles, insects, birds and so on we are not bothered by this. This is because they hold no claim to the ownership of anything. When we gain money, it must come out of someone else’s pocket. Otherwise, it is not valuable. Even in the case of printing money this rule is not violated. If you print money, you take it from everybody who has money of the same type. The simple truth is everybody needs to take from others to accumulate great wealth. The only exception to this rule is labor. However, everybody knows no matter how hard a laborer works, their income will not be comparable to the exponential gains of the capitalists.
Going back to the previous topic, we can now see that the people who are dreaming about sharing their money with the masses will never gain great wealth. The person who dreams about giving back would not feel right taking all that money in the first place. Therefore, there are no benign billionaires. The only factor that keeps protecting the image of the billionaire in this regard is the fact that they run a constant propaganda machine to make people believe that they do not take from others but instead give what is theirs. Obviously, this is not true. How hard could one person work that would justify owning millions of times more than ordinary middle-class citizens of a country?